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The Unofficial Jimi Hendrix Shrine

Jimi Hendrix, (1942-1970)

"In his day, Jimi Hendrix was frequently reffered to by the flower generation as its 'electric nigger'- 'superspade,' to use another popular term of that distant era. It is a measure of just how far away that era is that at the time, these cruelly ironic appellations were considered complimentary, whereas now they clearly tell us more about those who used them than about him to whom they were applied."

-from The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll by John Morthland (pp. 412)

"He extended the range of the electric guitar cheifly by experimenting with the electronic elements of the instrument. For example, he manipulated switches on the guitar and pedals on the guitar amplifier to create sound that were new to rock. Hendrix' music emphasized loud volume, a strong beat, and long solo passages that achieved great emotional impact."

-from The World Book by Jerry M. Grigadean (pp. 186)

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